Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Working to Survive...

Today I went with my friend Dennis (he is on the newsletter we sent out over thanksgiving) to get some Maise (corn and it is not sweet corn they call it Nsima) They eat it everyday here. It is a staple! It is yuck for me. I think it is an aquired taste! So we went to get about a 50 kg bag for some workers here. It cost about 12 dollars to last about 2 months. Anyways they buy the bag and have to take the corn mill and have it ground down to make the nsima. These women that work at the mill work soooo hard all day. I asked Dennis how much money do these women make a day. I was thinking about 1 dollar a day or something like that. It took my breath away when they said they don't get paid. They work for the little bit of leftover food everyday. So a tiny little bucket of food and that what they get. My heart sank. You look in these women's eyes and you can see the hopelessness! I remembered what the vcrse that God taught me this summer- "Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality." Romans 12:13 So my heart jumped I gave Dennis some money to give them and I got to hug and kiss them. Malawians are not huggy people but with a tall white girl asking for it they can't deny it. They were crying by the time we left. Me too. I really am faced daily with people asking for money and help with food and I never know what are scams or not. But these women didn't ask, they are just working to live. I respect that. They didn't expect anything. They didn't beg. They just worked and I got to see their heart encouraged. Especially mine. Thank you to you who support us because you get to support them. Those women who daily work to survive. What a joy to know that we can be used in our daily sphere we call life and those people that come into our sphere. What a joy to serve the King! Love you all- Amy Louise

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