Monday, December 10, 2007

It's sad not to add new pictures...

I crave to do it. Just like the moments I find out that we don't have water, I am soo thirsty and want a shower. Even though 5 minutes before I was fine. I long to get pictures to you all. I think daily that would be a great picture or I should video the Christmas Concert here at ABC we had on Friday. I can't :( As far as we know our camera is still missing. So I will have to get a new camera as soon as I can. They are 3 times as much here so I will hopefully getting one from Amazon. And have a friend bring it.
But I did want share what we did have here at our house on Thanksgiving. Remember I was sick sick sick on that day and our internet was down. But At the Stauffy's Zoo (as we are know on campus) We had a real live turkey. Bob wanted to keep it forever with the conditions that it wasn't loud and didn't wake up Analise since it was right next to her window. Well- it wasn't loud but it pooped way too much. Bob had to clean that up too. So after day 3 he was sick of the poop. So he did not stay. But I did find out the female turkey call and made it and he puffed and looked beautiful and I took that picture. We have had a monitor lizard, every other lizard, a tortise, a chicken, every kind of spider and various bugs. I know that you are jealous. He wants a monkey next. If he has deal with the Poop (Big what we call it) That will be a passing fancy. Anyways just some fun notes for you... Love and miss you And 15 days till Christmas! Amy louise

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Rachel said...

What there is no fence to fling the poop over??? Ha ha.
Glad you are feeling better. Sorry about the camera. I wonder if it grew legs. Guess you need to sleep with the new one under your pillow.
Lots of love to you-Rachel