Saturday, December 08, 2007

Our paper snail mail we sent out...

Hey there for those that didn't get to read our update that we sent out over thanksgiving...
Dear friends and family,

Happy Thanksgiving…We will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Africa for the first time, and with lots to be thankful for. We have been here in Malawi, Africa for almost 4 months. WOW! We are adjusting quickly to life here on campus and slowly to life here in Malawi. Fortunately time here in Africa comes in abundance…

What’s happening with us?
• Bob has been teaching Genesis, Ephesians and World Religions
classes at the college and a High School Bible Class at the academy
• Amy has been busy being a momma, helping at the clinic in the
x-ray department, and ministering to the women at the college
• Nya is in Kindergarten and has made many new friends. She
loves her teacher and really has started to read! Yippee!
• Analise has loved every minute of being here in Malawi. She loves being with Momma each day; going to local African villages; and playing with the locals without any fear. She relates well to everyone and everybody. She is even talking a little bit of

What’s happening on campus?
• Students are finishing their first semester…just 3 weeks away.
• The building process for the pediatric ward has begun. This
ward will be built next to the main clinic in order to serve as a
hospital for the children in the local villages
• The students here on campus have been serving the
communities weekly through various outreaches, which have
proven to very impactful.

What are we thankful for?
• We have know we are right where God wants us to be.
• We have good friends already.
• We are making an impact for Africa – we have had many
students who have expressed much appreciation for the
teaching, servitude, and commitment God has given us.

What do we need prayer for?
• Health – Moving here to Malawi has taken a little toll on our immune systems.
• We currently need a car that can transport more than just our family. So often we have to turn down requests from students and staff who want to go to church with us or who want to go on outreaches into the villages, etc. We are looking to raise about $5000. This would help us buy an 8 passenger vehicle.
• That God would protect our family against harm and that we
would not allow Satan to have any way into our lives.
• Travel safety -as this country has a very high traffic fatality rate.

Support and Contact Information:
• Email us at: or
• Follow our Blog with our Africa stories at:
• Stateside address: Stauffacher Family
c/o Susie Pearson 5418 N. Jefferson Spokane, WA 99205

• Malawi Address: African Bible College
Attn: Stauffacher’s
P.O. Box 1028
Lilongwe, Malawi
S.E. Africa

• If you are supporting us monthly or have a one-time gift, please make the check payable to “African Bible College” with “Stauffacher’s” in the memo line, and include your address, phone number, email and if it is a monthly or one-time gift. The ABC will send you a receipt each month and they will include an envelope for the next month. The mailing address
for this is:
African Bible College
Attn: Stauffacher Family
P.O. Box 103
Clinton, MS 39060

• All checks written to ABC are tax deductible. Your donations are
so much appreciated.

With Love- Bob, Amy, Nya & Analise Stauffacher

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