Friday, May 04, 2012

Luke's day... Hanging out with friends

Luke has full days of eating, sleeping and hanging out with friends. Here is a a small snapshot of the life of Luke's...
See sissy Tina on Skype in America
Take a nap on friend Tracy from South Africa

Eat some more food

watch a movie with his sisters & Brianna from Australia

watch Analisey try to make him laugh

hang with fellow missionary friend Sam at the girls school...

Swing with buddy Limbani!  
cute boys

Luke on our 3 rd day here with limbani

Limbani comes almost daily to hang out with Luke but he gets teased by his friends that he is going to drop Lukey.  So cute!  He doesn't care what they think.  So cute!  He will even come over and bring all his friends.

Just another Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend!  We will have fun too!  

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