Friday, April 27, 2012

Loving on people....

We live in Malawi where it is known as the poorest country in Africa. Some days, it is so overwhelming to see the poverty and I just wish I could fix it all ...  I remember when I come back to reality that I can't change the whole world but I can help people one by one.  With that perspective - both Bob and I love to help people that come across our paths. Helping people can be in many different forms- in discipleship, financially or just being friends and praying for each other. Daily, there is usually a need that needs to be met. Here is one example of God bringing someone in need across our paths.

David and Luke

David Banda has 4 children by his childhood sweetheart.  They met in their home village and quickly married when they were 18.  He was unable to finish school past 5th grade due to his parents being poor and he had to find work as a young boy.  He has worked as a gardener his whole life.  He was able to find work off and on through out the years. This last year he was out of work and his wife died of a heart attack.   His oldest is 16 and youngest is 2 years.  He had to send his middle children away as he had to find work and could not pay to feed them or care for them. This last week he came and told us that his 9-year old was sick and had been for the last 2 weeks and since she didn't live with him, he didn't know.  He got a call that she was sick and asked if he could take her to our hospital here and if we could help.  We said of course.  She ended up having malaria and if had waited a couple more days would have been dead. She is all better now after finishing her medication.  What a treat to be apart of their story, he has found work with us and we are able to help provide and care for his family.  He has been able to have his 2 middle children move back home so he can provide and care for them.  He is so happy.  He brought his kids to meet us and I didn't want to get a picture of them the first time I met them, but I will as we go to his house this next week. 

This is one of the many stories we get to be involved with.  We feel it is an honor to love and care on people, as God has brought many people across our paths to love and care on us!  Please pray for us, as we would continue to love and care for others as He has done so amazingly for us!

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Mandy said...

I love this story. I can just see you and getting involved and loving on this man and changing his life. Love ya!
Mandy cuz