Sunday, May 06, 2012

It may sound silly to you...

This is my last Target bag here in Malawi - that I already gave away to a Malawian to carry sugar home to his village about 150 miles away.

 I savor them like they are precious jewels. Silly as it may sound but distance definitely makes my heart grow fonder! The sight of Target makes me happy even a bag. I think am going thru withdrawals. I can taste the popcorn and Dr Pepper, I can see the fun new summer dishes, love all the fun shoes and new pillows.  I miss the cute girls clothes and love seeing boy clothes that Luke can wear one day! I wish i could get some candy, some great cereals, find a new shirt for 4 dollars and so on and so forth.  I won't bore you with all the details.  Just enjoy your Target thoroughly!  It may sound silly but I think God loves the honest heart!   Think and pray for the Stauffacher family as you shop there! Pray that we would give our lives to Jesus daily and encourage others around us!  Pray that we would be able to love on others here in Africa through food, money, prayer, quality time, discipleship and just sharing everyday life together!  That we would be continually transformed by the Gospel.  Target and  the Gospel - 2 totally opposite things but in my everyday life very real!  And I miss it!

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