Thursday, May 24, 2012

Having Malaria and still counting our blessings....

Two weeks ago, Bob got malaria. Malaria attacks your red blood cells and thickens your blood and if not caught in time it can kill.  Sadly - just yesterday a worker here lost their 8-year-old daughter to malaria. While all of it was horrible - there were some amazing blessings that God provided that reminds us how takes care of His kids.  Above is a picture of the mini hospital we have here on campus. We are so blessed to have it here.  It provides care to many here in Lilongwe.  The top right picture is when Bob went for his test (he was very sick at that point) and below is inside of the hospital here as two amazing doctors were taking care of him as he was in recovery mode.  It took about a week and half to feel normal again.  
The blessings came in many different ways but it definitely was God caring for us through His people.  Whether it was a meal, prayers, and notes of encouragement or people stopping by.  It showed us that we are apart of a very loving and amazing community.  Many times in this journey - it feels lonely (mainly because we are in a foreign land) but that is when God quickly reminds us that He has people who are ready to be there in a crisis - surround us.  His loving arms are the arms of people.  He has reminded us that we are not alone and He wants us to see Him through the people He has in your life.  Humbled and amazed - He cares for us so much through the big and small areas of life.  Life has its ups and downs with people, but we would not make it at all without each other.  We survive through the good and the bad – through our communities of people! 
Thank you for loving, supporting and praying for us!  We would not be here with out you all!  We could not continue on without you!  

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Anonymous said...

Great reminder! As i live here there are indeed those days i feel like am alone. I have definitely see his hand provide people i can walk with in the journey called life. I am glad to know and be reminded that i am never alone.
Thank God for his care and healing.
Love you and miss you (but am not alone).
Little Old Lizard