Friday, October 22, 2010

quietly living in the routine...

Is that an expression? Well- that is what we are doing - routine! I have dreamt of routine for along time and this month it came. Quiet normal routine. Breakfast, School, Lunch, Homework, Dinner and then Bed. Simple! This week- Every night we had someone over for dinner or lunch- it is still is full of people but routineish! I love it- But this week I started thinking as I was standing in the wal-mart line... 8 months until we leave back to Africa. I better buy that extra chap stick while I am thinking about it. Crazy thought I know. I will remember later. Then again I might not, might as well get it while the thought in my brain is still active. Time is Flying for me. Really it's almost November, then it Christmas and then it's January and its starting to be only 6 months and the time flies. Ok I know that I might be extreme, But it flies by! I can't believe it's already the weekend. Wasn't it just Monday? So as I subconsciously countdown, thank you for loving us and praying for us. I haven't post as much as I wanted to lately- I find that it all seems so normal to share. But I will do more normalish things soon.

Lots of love from the normalish routineish family here in San Diego!

P.S. those cute girls above are dressed up in their Harvest Party wear and that pumpkin is Bob's carving project. He is excited.

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