Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Simple things to enjoy!

Date with Dada!
Seeing the Airshow for the first time
going to my first ever women's retreat!
sliding down a cotton hill because that is how we sled with no snow here in southern Cali...

Date with Dada
field trip with class to the pumpkin patch!

Simple normalish everyday life here in this land we call home. Well- yesterday Analise asked me how many more day until we fly home! Ok so not home for her yet. We are not counting the days yet, but we are thinking about that we leave again.

here is the update that I sent out for this month.... Thanks for reading and praying and loving us! the Stauffy family!

Hello sweet friends and family-

A vivid memory that I have from my time in Africa... one day, I met a woman that had 3 children and was living in a room that was as small as my bathroom (made out of mud). I was shocked and really was wondering - how could she believe in this God - when she had so little. Through an interpreter I asked in some form this question - is it hard to trust in God, when you have just this... But her response shocked me. I have thought about it often. She said God is all she has and then she asked me in return- What about you? When you have everything and you still trust in God. Is that hard?

Such a notion to think that I have everything! I want to choose to trust in God for my everyday life. Well- many days I don't feel like I have everything and many days I don't choose to trust Him. Many days I am not thankful in the ways I should be. Many days I am focused of my wants, my selfish desires, and my need for more shoes and maybe a new shirt! So today- I am reminded that I am to be thankful for all that I have. I don't live in room that it is as small as my bathroom. Today - I have been given the gift of life and enjoy it throughly! Today I can be thankful that I have an Amazing God that I can find my source of strength to live and give!

Today I am thankful all that God has provided for our family.

As we go into this wonderful month of November- Things to be thankful-
  • We are blessed with so many wonderful friends and family!
  • We have been blessed by many of you supporting us as we are here in San Diego and gear up to go to Africa in this coming July!
  • We have been blessed to live in our house during this time.
  • We have been able to connect and share our lives with so many.
  • We have healthy and really been able to have some down time.
  • We have every need met and we really are not in want. ( it is a matter of perspective that I have to keep)
  • We are alive and able to enjoy our days- thoroughly!
Thanks for loving and being apart of our journey! Love- Amy Louise for the Stauffacher family

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