Friday, April 16, 2010

Sharing life everyday with people...We love people!

Well- the countdown has been started. Seniors officially have senioritis and we are starting to get it too. Very contagious this senioritis. We are thrilled to be sharing it with our good friends The Olsons. They love being here. Sharon continues to say -" I love living your life Amy. I am in your blog now. Wow! " Well- We are loving sharing it with them. They are enjoying every minute and amazing to share what we do here. So delicious to see them eat it all up. They were able to spend about 5 days in Village ( which I am very proud of them) with good friends and ABC Graduates Ronald and Ulemu. Amazing to hear all their stories and life changing experiences. Time will tell what Africa has done to them. and their blog will tell you more.... Once you get Africa in your system- it never leaves I believe. :) You crave it... which is a good thing.

So the Stauffy family is in teaching classes mode, loving on people mode and really doing what God called us here to do mode. -Make a small impact on the people's lives here. We are priviledged to be here and do it. We have alot on our plate and we are going to savor every minute of it. As many of you know we come home for a home assignment for a year and we plan to come back for another couple of years. We definetly know that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing right now. We are excited to be in the states for a year. We miss family, friends and food. :) We are so thankful to have this opportunity to share with you all person to person what we are doing here in Malawi. We will be in San Diego and visiting many others. Thank you for your continual love, prayers and support! It has been so humbling to be dependent on God and people like you in our lives! Well- Pictures to come and lots more of stories as we continue on here... Love - amy louise

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