Sunday, April 18, 2010

When Africa surprises you...

That was what I heard tonight at the dinner table. They have been surprised. They feel that Africa has not been represented properly to the world. They thought the following...No One is making the difference and people have forgotten about Africa. So they thought... A new friend Ann - from California- friend of my cousin's wife- has said she is surprised that so much is going on for Malawians. All the different types of Missionaries that she has met and the Malawians that are being impacted by the work they are doing. Lives are being changed through these relationships.

Our friends - the Olson Family- have come here thinking one way and definelty will be leaving thinking the complete opposite. It was all so overwhelming the needs when they first came and now they have relationships made through their experiences to have a place to help and impact the needs of the people. They are surprised that is all it is about... Relationships.

We come here thinking that we coming to make the difference but we leave knowing they made the difference in us. We have been changed through these relationships that we have made. The impact is made when we invest in those relationships. We can come here thinking that we can give but how and how do we not just throw money at the problem We slowly learn that we can give through our relationships. That is what is all about. RELATIONSHIPS - That is where you impact the most. That is where needs are communticated and met. That is what we do here. Teach and share and relate with the Malawians. We both are changed forever. It maybe that simple this thing called relationships. That is how we helping and changing what is happening here in Africa... Loving living this thing called life- amy louise

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