Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Healing and nothing much going on...

It is so amazing to have not much going on. The entire campus is on Easter break and it has been super quiet. Over the last 3 weeks since I haven't blogged, it is just quiet. I have been on healing mode. It is so nice to be on the other side of this journey. We are so blessed to have so many people love and support us through this. Thank you for all those who carried me in prayer! Amazing how prayer changes things. Thank you!

One thing that has happened on campus is that applications are coming in for this next year for the college. The students first take a test and then are interviewed. Last year almost 900 people applied and we were able to take only 90 incoming students and sent 20 students to the Uganda campus. This year - there are 3 different testing days and also 3 different cities. Please pray for the these interested students... These are the faces of Africa. The people of Malawi that will change thier world person by person.

We now have vistors from Spokane, Washington. Some dear old friends that staying in Germany for a while came down to have a journey into the Stauffacher family life in Malawi. They are soaking it all in. I love watching thier kids process it all. Nya and Analise are loving having constant laughs from thier kids. We head to Lake Malawi and then they are off the Dzuwa village! Here is their blog in case you want to read their journey...

I love the simple life and enjoy living in Malawi. Bob told me it is the people he loves, I told him the same thing. It really is all about people. Loving, encouraging, investing and learning about people.

Will connect sooner than the last post! Amy louise

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