Thursday, March 18, 2010

a new lease on life..

You know that there are many sayings that are said to told to you when bumps on the road come....

-when life hands you lemons make lemonade
-he won't give you too much that you can't bear
-life is a bowl of cherries...including the pits
-life is full of mountains and valleys

There are tons of these sayings that are said to a person to try to encourage them to keep pressing on through the hard moments.....

But as I personally traveled this bumpy road, I found the most comfort I had was through prayer... There was not a perfect saying that would take away all the fear and anxiety of the big trial that I was in. As I look back on my journey- I see His hand carrying me through it all. Some moments it felt that God was a million miles away and then there were times that He was a whisper away. It never was consistent. But what was consistent was my worries and fears. But as I worried and fretted I actually found the most hope in repeating anything that I had memorized in my brain. I was continually going back to MY Rock and my hope of the future. The only scripture I found out that was stuck in my head was Psalm 23. It carried me in ways I never knew it could. When I could breathe I recited it - when I was anxious I recited it... It became so real that It took me away from the moment. But I want to say thank you for everyone of you that prayed for me and interceded for me as my neck journey is coming to an end. I made it back to Malawi and I get to be here! I love being back with my family and finally at peace. My neck pain was caused by a herniated disc that was pushing on my nerves and now I have titanium in my neck... I am bionic woman. I feel just leftover surgery pain and have no arm or neck pain. It is amazing. Below is a picture of what I got

What is amazing is that I am finally able to live life again. Thank you again for being apart of the season of life with me. I really never have felt so loved and prayed for. We have seen God personally intercede in ways I never could of imagined. This now- lemon, bump, mountain or should we call it a cherry or even better we call titanium piece in my neck - is interwoven in to my story for ever and I deeply changed and challenged and found that I cling ever so more to THE ROCK!

Serving Jesus daily and finding realy in day to day things- Amy Louise

P.S. Analise and Nya said they never want me to ever leave again. :) Bob agrees... So do I... 20 days is way too long for anyone to be least for the mama!

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