Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our visit to Dowa

We are traveling to Dowa which a town and a region. We were going to a village in the Dowa district. Bob was going to preach at a church that was established in 1894 and the building built in 1951. It is apart of a Presbyterian group. They were happy to have a professor from African Bible College come and talk to them.
Here is the beginning of the dirt roads that we traveled for about an hour each way. This was the good part of it.
It turned into an amazing amusement park ride with all the thrills and chills...actually we were really sweating it. Bob did a great job driving and the angels did a great job keeping us on the road and upright.
Some of the fellow road travelers along the way, they were slow to move over.

This lady is like so many Malawian women that carry great loads on their heads. No wonder they have such great posture!!!
This the church where Bob preached and the pastor interpreted. It was a long service of 2 1/2 hours on wooden benches. The church had many choirs and the hall echoed amazingly. It sounded like the battle of the bands in heaven. It was very unique.

Gary got to greet the congregation and then pray. The pastor adopted Gary as his "gogo" grand parent. Very cute. Gray hair has some rewards in that people want you to be their "gogos"

Here is the group that traveled to Dowa with the pastor and his wife.

Here we are dancing at the village where Mwyli and his family live and that we ate our second lunch after the pastor fed us also. Bob is kicking it up and Mwyli is flying through the air.

This is our audience and the families in this small village. Many of the young men were off playing soccer.

If you think your kitchen needs a redo look at this one where our food came out of. We are praying that we will not have a Malawi stomach tomorrow.

Think a new counter top could be needed here?

It was an amazing day and the best ever for me... We are off to Lake Malawi for a few days, so no more up dates for a little while. Barb

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