Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Monthly Update

Another holiday season here in Malawi. The humidity and warm weather has increased along with the frogs with their mating calls ( I love that noise). The rains have begun and we are all getting excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

What a treat we have had over this last week to have my parents here at ABC with us. We have loved seeing life in Malawi through their eyes. We love sharing our friends with them and they have been really loved by them. They have been able teach classes and bible studies here at the campus and in the village. We have been able to keep them really busy here just on the campus. They are about 600 people in and around the campus and we have connected with more than half of them. We have really appreciated them sacrificing their time and money to come and love on us and many many more people here. They are so refreshing to have here.

We have only 4 more weeks of classes until Christmas. Amazing how time flies. Our ability to give and serve has been above and beyond what we had expected this year. Bob said to my dad just the other day that it is amazing here "every single day we have an opportunity to give out and change someones circumstances" That is why we are here to help, give, serve and love on people! Teaching has been our ability to get involved with people's lives.

Praises & Prayer Requests -
• We are so thankful for the amazing financial support of our supporters- even going through this "global financial crisis" we have see God provide through our churches, friends and family. Thank you for allowing us to be used here in Malawi!

• Please be praying for us as this country is in a fuel crisis. The lines around town are horrendous becauser there is no diesel. Soon there will be no petrol (regular gas) this next week. That means no gas - no car- no food.... It has big problems attached to that.... Please be praying...

• Please continue to pray for our time with our family. They have not only blessed us but they have blessed many other here in Malawi. Please pray that they would remain healthy and when they come back to the states that they would not have too much jet lag and they would be refreshed.

• Please continue to pray as we love people here in Malawi that they would grow deeper in their walks with Christ as we are daily challenged to.
Thank you for loving us, praying for us, providing for us as we serve here in Malawi. We would not be able to do what we do without you being behind us! Thank you so very much. Love- all of the Stauffacher family (Bob, Amy, Nya and Analise)

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