Saturday, November 21, 2009

Outreach on Friday

This is the village we went to on Friday with four ABC students, one staff, and Bob and Amy and girls. There were approximately 100 to 125 homes in this village. It was off a very bumpy dirt (red in color) road that we had to dodge donkeys and goats. It is always a "thankyou Jesus" when we get some where in one piece and the truck is still intact.

The homes are all in various states of desrepair with pigs and goats wandering into the open doors.
This is one of a few old grandmas we saw. They would come and shake our hands and smile. We saw lots of children, some young girls (early teens with babies) and a few women in their twenties with children. I asked where the men were in the village and one of the students (Lewis) said they were probably in the fields planting or in town drinking. We saw very few middle ages men or women.

Analise gathered a group around her as she drew pictures in the dirt. Some times it was a little intimidating as the children wanted to touch her and if the group grew too large.

Nya was more comfortable with the children and their interest. These children loved having their pictures taken.
Here we are handing out some gum to the children (only 1/2 a piece) and we quickly ran out.
Amy and girls taught a bible song to the children using Dalitso as a translator. Then she told the story of creation letting the girls illustrate the different animals and then the children would imitate them. Amy and girls did sooo good and they had a good response from the children.

This is Annie, a junior at ABC, teaching a bible study on I Corinthians 13 to a group of women. She asked Amy and Barb to share a little also and then she translated for us. She said 4 women responded to the bible study to wanting to invite Christ into their lives. The women listened intently and would ocassionally ask a question. While we were with the women and children, Gary, Bob and Lewis went house to house and shared the gospel. Gary said they met the chief and his wife and they were very warm to them and told them they could use a certain building in the village next time they came. This was only the second time the students had come to this village. Four people invited Christ into their lives with Gary and his group. The students thought there was a good turn out due to white people coming into the village.
Gary dancing with some of the children.
We stayed about 1 1/2 hours at the village. It was a real eye opener to us to come into the sphere of these Malawians. What a challenge every day living is for them.