Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our trip to monkey bay...

Well now we have seen the elephant in Africa. We took a boat trip on the Shire (shy-re) river that runs out of Lake Malawi and saw some elephants, many hippos, an allegator, many birds, wild boars and more. Now a trip is complete...not quite...

This is our tour guide and the boat we had to ourselves. He was very helpful in showing us the many animals along the river. It was windy and rough waves at times but fun.
We arrived at a lovely lake home that we rented from someone Amy knew. These trees called sausage trees due to the long pods on them were amazing. I am sure they have a more proper name but they are a wonder.
This is the view looking out of the front of the home across Monkey Bay. We arrived right at dark the night before in a driving rain storm almost not finding our way. The next morning we were greeted by this great rainbow and no more rain. Just lovely.

This the front of the house that we stayed at. It was soooo peaceful and sooothing to the soul.
We had several families of monkeys that were interested in some bread we had to share. Notice the great tree in the back ground that decided to hug this huge rock.
They had a small pool by the house that was a great place for Nya and Analise to play.
This is one of the stunning Baboa trees that grow all over the landscape. This is especially big one and so amazing. That is Gary and I and the grand girls at the base of it.
We got home on fumes of petro because none is to be found in all of the least in any of the stations we stopped at. So the adventure to find enough gas to get us to the airport tomorrow will be interesting. This lack of petro seems to be an ongoing problem and makes life that much more challenging some days. Long lines are at all the gas stations. They have been out of disel since we have been here. Bob's truck runs on petro. Politics and poor money management by the govt seems to be the problem.
We are leaving warm balmy weather to return to early winter in Spokane, WA. Yikes...I guess we are ready now that we have seen the elephants. Barb

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Olson Family said...

What a TREAT!!! Oh my goodness! It looks and sounds as though you've had a MARVELOUS time in Malawi, Barb and Gary!!

Amy, I can imagine what a wonderful time this has been for you all!