Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello from No Gas Land....

As time continues so does the days of our little lives. We have had no diesel in this country for about 3 weeks. Once in a while we get 2 or 3 gas stations that get it. Now there is no regular gas now. The above picture was 5 days ago - before the crisis was bad Today I saw about 200 hundred cars lining up to get gas with hundreds of people waiting at a couple of gas stations... It is mostly due to corruption here. Oh joy! We would really appreciate as we continue to serve here that God would teach us patience, be slow to speak and quick to listen, and love on people even without gas!

My parents came here the last 2 weeks and it was wonderful as you can see from the previous posts. They told me as they were here - that when they went home it would feel like a dream. I appreciated all your prayers! They are home now and closing their eyes and dreaming about it now.

Thank you again for loving, praying and being apart of our lives! Love all of us! The Stauffy family


Anonymous said...

I did have dreams last night and every Malawian had Mwyli's face...even the ladies. I can smell Malawi every time I use my nice new basket. I did see an airplane in the sky and almost got sick thinking about getting back on one anytime soon. That memory has not passed yet. Love and miss you guys tremendously... MOM

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, Joel Otterstrom and I went our to dinner with our pregnant wives and were wondering about what had become of you. It looks like you are doing great things. Very proud of you. You should get on Facebook, so we can stay in touch.

Best of luck,

Todd S. Grubb