Monday, May 25, 2009

Tinkerbell the Monkey and Braii and Goats...

So this story reminds that we are in a different world. We give gifts to students and share often. This is one of them. Above here is one of the many goats that have passed through our lives. This one just arrived and analise wanted a picture.

This goat was given to Bob's security head guard on his last day. Joseph was so excited for the gift.

Actually- 2 goats were served for these men above for a goodbye party for Josh's coworker that left this last month. (He was also working campus maintaince with Josh) Bob and Josh spent all day cooking and serving about 75 guys. ( more pictures on my friend's blog )

Cooking on the Braii (South African word for BBQ) Goat meat!

Josh and Bob are building a cage for the Monkey we are watching until she gets bigger. She will go to the local Zoo here that. But for now she is apart of the Stauffy Zoo. The girls named her Tinkerbell.

Nya and Tinkerbell...

Here is emily and her love for Tinkerbell.
Well- there is a snipet in the Animal Kingdom here in Malawi. For more stories make sure to see Emily's Blog from above... love- amy louise


Enrique and Chrissie Coreano said...

Hi Bob and Amy,

I saw your blog on Erin R's and enjoyed reading about all your African adventures. I would love to get in touch as I have a question about a possible opportunity with your mission organization. My email is
Your friend from Moody,
Chrissie (Lacska) Coreano

Kristin said...

That monkey is so CUTE