Monday, June 08, 2009

Life in Busyland.

Seriously! I am so sorry I will try and catch you up. We have been busy busy with the countdown of Graduation. It has really exhausted us in everyway. We are slowly catching up. So I will catch you up.
For the last year- I have been having over 12 amazing women over again for weekly Life chats...
We talk about having a deep walk with God, Marriage, Dating, Friendship and Culture on real Deep level. Really the stuff that women need to talk about. It really has impacted me tremendously. More than half are way older than me. When I started this class I thought - what do i have offer these women. But what ended up is they taught me about life and more. I walk away with deep friendships and also alot of respect for these women who live in this country of Malawi. I learned that it is not what I have to offer them in their own culture but what I have is Christ in my life. With Christ being both of our cultures, we have a common denominator and so we plug away with that. So here is my class this year...Their names are Grace, Kene, Juliana, Rose, Christina, Linda, Doreen, Villimika, Cindy, Alice, Fieda, and Ruth.

So every Wednesday and Friday we meet to talk deep, have tea and eat a bit. These women live all through out Malawi, North and South and Central. So when I say that it has been an amazing priviledge to encourage these women. They have left deep footprints on my heart!
More to come- amy louise

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