Friday, May 15, 2009

Junior - Senior Banquet

So every year the Junior class honor the Seniors with a Banquet. This year they celebrated with a dinner! Here are some pictures of that special night!

Here is everyone waiting for dinner to start.

Here I am with Shonduri. She went with Bob on the Tanzania Trip. We got to chat about what she learned. I think I will have her do a blog post. To hear it from her would be amazing.

Here I am with Rosemary in the middle (I had her in my bible study last year) and the girl at the end is a sophmore- Mtendere. And that cute baby is Joy Louise. I gave her middle name. So very Kissable are those cheeks!

Don't you love the coat. So 101 dalmation cute!

Here is my girlie Emily! She is a 3rd grade teacher here and she is from our church back in San Diego.

Here is Bob and Josh with Richard and Thompson! Josh is Emily's husband. He is Charge of the campus maintaince and does so much here.

Here are some of my girls that are in my senior bible study class. I love these women.
We are doing pretty good over here. We have a month to go until we get to come home for a visit. We have many things happening before then. So please keep us in your prayers as we have elections in this country and also so many functions to put together for the end of the year events.
Lots of love- amy louise

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