Friday, May 15, 2009

Prayer Request...

Our neighbor and friend wrote this. It really explains what is happening politically here. Please pray for us as we are here in Malawi....

Dear ones,

Please commend Malawi to prayer this week as it conducts its elections for president and parliament Tuesday, May 19. Malawi has had a peaceful post-colonial experience. The people still wear smiles. But that was also once true of Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Angola, Congo, I think you get the idea. The elections this year have caused concern because of the former president's attempt to get back into power. The result has been a string of coup attempts, high-profile arrests, thug-driven politics, and rallies which turn into violence. Up front, let me say, we are in no danger. And it is our prayer to remain that way. But, there is only one thing predictable in Africa and that is unpredictability! So, pray for free and fair elections, free from violence, retribution, greed, and hatred. We are on holiday during the elections and will stay close to home. One of our graduates, Shadrek Chikoti ('05) is in position to win a seat in parliament as an independent. He is independent because he refused bribes from higher officials in the established political party. This action greatly angered the powers that be, but energized the people that a young man trying to break into politics held his ground with integrity.
Please pray that Shadrek will win and continue to challenge the way government is conducted with the gospel.Thanks and we will, I promise, be sending a prayer letter letting you know all that the Lord has used us for this semester. It has been one of our most fruitful times. That is why we haven't been sending letters. He's got us busy. Thanks for your love and post this, please in your church, or announce it in prayer groups to commend these matters for us.

All our love,The McDonalds in Malawi Sam, LeAnne, Amber, Molly, Sarah

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