Sunday, March 15, 2009

The life on the Stauffy farm...

Well 2 new additions have made it here to the campus farm. Above are the 2 baby pigs that have been added ( bob and josh added). Along with the deer and the dog (now 2 piglets) that we have and neighbors have 3 turkeys, 3 bunnies, 10 chickens and about 5 dogs on campus. we are actually growing these pigs to have some baby back ribs. Sorry those who are animal lovers.

Here is a picture of Kim and I. That is Jordan's mom from Zimbabwe. She is a science teacher at the academy and a truly lovely friend. She helped us tremendously when Nya was sick and she barely even knew us. I love people like that. Just like family after a week of knowing them. I have been fortunate to have many people in my life over the years like that. ( you know who you are!) Anyways here is a couple pictures of life here...

Nya, Jordan, and Analise and the dogs and Dainty Toes our bush buck deer!

Pork Chop and baby back ribs! That is what we see when we see them. They are truly pigs!

Nya and Dainty Toes! She loves our girls and runs from any person that is big.

My beautiful girlie Miss Analisey! She is so delicious!

Here is picture of Bob preparing with his weekly village outreach team! They are such an amazing group of people that want to transform Africa person by person! The man that has crutches had polio when he was little.

Such a sweet girl that stopped by! Her name is Funa! My girls love her! Funa is good friend and is so refreshing!

Here is my pink girl! Tina! She has been in many of my pictures! Her and Funa come over very regularly! One day I just have a day in the life of pictures So you can see who all comes over! lots of love- amy louise


God plus Four said...

I just want to pinch Analise's cheeks! Love the will have to get some overalls at this rate. :)

Anonymous said...

How fun to see the animals and kids. You guys are so much animal lovers. Keep it up..
James V.