Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For those who didn't get it here is an email update that I sent out just recently...

Last month at this time, we were in South Africa. But thankfully we were able to come home a week later with a healthy little girl. Since then she has been amazingly healthy. She has been back to school and loving her friends. We are so thankful to have her healthy. She turns 7 this next week March 24 and she is growing up. My baby is not the baby anymore.

We have been back to "normal" life here. Bob has been teaching his classes and weekly going out to the local village to do train people deeper in God's word. Spring break for the college is coming and in 2 weeks he will be taking 6 students and Josh Ketchum (who is from San Diego working here at African Bible college as a operations manager) to Tanzania to work with our friend Pastor Eric Mukwenda in Arusha for 10 days. He will be taking Blessings, Joseph, Lewis, Grace, Mercy and Shonduri. They will be traveling by car. They will be doing outreach as missionaries. They will experience cultural shock as they will not understand the language and have to taste new foods. I am so excited to hear the stories. It will be amazing for them to interact in a brand new culture. A team from San Diego will be meeting them and working with them as they serve in Tanzania

As for Analise she has gotten her first haircut and really is growing up. She still is at home with me. She is loving that she can be with mama but really craves to go to school. Next year she will be at the academy full time at the preschool class.

Well- what is happening with me (Amy). I have been busy with this and that. I love teaching my bible study at the college. We are working on growing deeper and being open and honest about Christ and life. I am also helping with many of the college happenings. Also I am still helping out at the clinic with xray. I have been helping Bob at the High School talking to those girls about sex issues, what it is to have a relationship with Christ and fight for their futre. I also am working on being a better mama and better wife. It is a journey!

We have some prayer requests...
- For safety as Bob and the team travels to Tanzania, Us girls will stay in Lilongwe while they are there.

- We would remain healthy. That last sickness was too much. We don't cold here and there but we really don't like the flu. :)

- We were hoping to come home this summer for a few months to visit family and friends, but have been turned around financially due to Nya's hospital visit in South Africa and because of a few other financial strains. Tickets to go home will be around $9000. At this point, we will have to wait another year, already having been here two years. Please pray for the Lords provision.

Thank you for loving us and praying for us. Love the Stauffachers - Bob, Amy , Nya Beans and Analisey.

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Mark Rasche said...

Hi Bob and Amy,

It's been quite some time since we communicated with each other, but we certainly appreciate what God is doing through you in Malawi and enjoy your blog!! I am relieved to hear that Nya is feeling better these days and life is back to "normal".

Bob, is there any way we could arrange a time for me to call you and discuss the possibility of Lauren coming to Africa for a short-term mission trip? I think she is ready!

My email is I hope to hear back from you when you have time.

Yours in Christ,

Mark Rasche