Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Nya…

Our baby turned 7 this last week. Hard to believe that she is that old. We had a little bit of a party for her. So here are some snapshots. We did a slip and slide party/ relay races/ movie night/bbq (braii)/ have fun night with her....
We rented a blow up slip and slide...that a daddy went on and broke so I had to make up games - relay races for about an hour/ and daddies Braii (south african term for bbq) and then Kung Ku Panda was shown on our wall and cake was given and presents were opened. Just a normal birthday party for her.

So here are some of the kids( and adults) watching Kung Fu Panda
Daddies bbq with a mom in the mix of it all

Opening presents with friends...

So this is what is happening this week for us.

  1. Busy teaching – like usual
  2. Bob leaves with 7 others to Tanazania. So really would appreciate prayers for the team, the traveling, dealing with border issues, and also as they work with our friends up in Arusha, Tanzania

3. We 3 girls will be alone for at least 12 days, Safety and protection.

4.There has been many many break -ins on this campus for the last month. It has emotionally worn all of us out. As Bob in Head of Security he has really had to deal with alot.

Well- chat with you again - amy louise

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Olson Family said...

Happy Birthday, Nya!!!

I'm here, Amy Girl! I have been doing soooo much thinking... praying... hoping... questioning... wondering...

Our family is engaging in constant chit-chat about coming to visit you... We would all just love to jump on an airplane tomorrow!

I love your blog posts! What an amazing life you are living! Praise God! We are praying for you!