Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WOW God had fun when he made Malawi...

God is amazing in what he can do with land... Malawi - It is beautiful from the lake to the mountains. This last weekend We headed away for a break to Zomba! That is a great name. it is about 4 hours south of us. We stayed at a cottage on the mountain. The hikes, the views the monkeys and fun we had and saw! What a beautiful place....

On our way to the mountains.

Here we are at a fish hatchery. A man from Japan put it up in the mountains...

The girls before the hike with trees planted in the 1930's by the Japanese

Daddy and his girlies...

HMMM Yummy water!

Mommy and her girlies!

Getting a little bit tired!

A lake up in the mountain! The man was selling crytals! Who knew they had them in this mountain!

Ok we are really tired by now! But what a beautiful end to the day!

The side of the mountains

It was such a restful and refreshing break for all of us! We went with our friend Pam from Ireland. She works with ABC students as a Navigator. She is such a fun person to vacation with!Love you all and chat with you again! love amy louise

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