Thursday, October 02, 2008

Life in africa....

Here is Nya and Kene and Analise making crazy faces. This girlie right here is one our favorite friends! The girls can't get enough of her!

It is amazing how time flies by and then somedays it pokes on by. We are busy in just life here. We have been having about 15 students over every other wednesday along with the single teachers on campus. So that usually adds up to about 20ish or more people on those nights. It is so fun to hear the chatting that is going on. One night we had only girls and bob and josh (another friend) It was so fun to have about 20 women chatting at the same time. Here are some pictures of that night. We usually do tacos because it is so easy to have a lot of and fun to share our favorite food. The comments of last nights dinner was "Fanatastic" "best food ever have had" "wonderful" "who knew that these little things could fill me up".

Bob has been taking his outreach team out to the village every thursday afternoon. He says it has been so impacting. I meant to give him the camera today so you could see them in work but I forgot. But they have about 8 students that go and disciple 3 to 4 familes and get them founded on God's truth. Bob and another student have been meeting the ladies at the water well pump and chatting and answering questions for about 20 or more of them. They just sit and listen and soak it all up. It has been amazing Bob has said. This picture below is the team in the car. I tried to get them to pose outside but they were in a rush. So this is an out on the hood picture.

So just keeping you in the Africa loop. Thank you all for love, support, packages, emails, and prayers. We couldn't be here without you. Love- Amy louise

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