Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here are my teachers that are teaching me Chichewa. Mary is a student here that is training to work with Deaf children and train them in bible.
Here is Hennelise. She is the one who yells at me when I get it wrong. I love her yelling at me. It is cute. :)
Here we are on our way to ballet lessons at the school library. thanks mom for the ballet outfits. That is the school behind them. Also that is Emily that is our friend from San Diego.
Here is nya and analise practicing. There will be a christmas show in december. how cute will that be.
Analise pointing here toes. She is loving it. Just a couple pictures of daily life here. People and people. Lots of love - Amy louise


Sarah said...

LOVE your yeller friend...I would totally dig being yelled at.

Analise's toes...all the way across the world...I'm totally obsessed with them!! From one ballerina to another, she has great form!! LOOK at her go!!!

Sarah said...

I just zoomed in that pic...she is looking at her feet...ugh...tooooooo cute!!!!!!!!