Friday, October 24, 2008

I want you to know... This is gross...

Everyday I think of something to blog about and by the time I get home from where ever I was -I forget to write it down. Daily I see things that are amazing, confusing, weird and WOW they have that here too.
To begin with - the fires that some how never become wildfires. We are from California and if I saw a fire I would drive the other way and you know it is going to burn down a whole lot of things. But here they have fires just burning. No fire department, nobody putting it out. Usually people adding to the burning fire.
I have been craving raisinets (just a candy) I found some! Well they are somewhat similar. Similar is close enough for me these days. I thought today! wow they have that here!
But in light of that! it is a dumb craving compared to... Daily as I drive my car I am faced with beggars, not just your downtown homeless people ( even though they would be considered beggars). But the real poverty of the world here. It is a huge undertaking just traveling and knowing that I am going to have to say no about 20 times before I get back home from the store. Sometimes I give money and then other times I just can't give enough away. Mothers carrying children, 6 year kids asking for money, a vendor telling me I need a mop, tomatoes, strawberrys, DVDs, fake watches and anything I might need for my little life, and children who are crippled and the man on his knees because he had polio when he was young. The balance is in between heartache and then justifying why I can't give to every one. Learning to bless and learning to teach not just to depend on a handout from me.
Watching the women carry a huge bundle on their head for firewood along with a baby on their back and something in their hands. Seeing them wave at me as I pass them in my car. Ohhh Words don't even come close how I feel.
As I drive I dodge goats, people, bad bad bad drivers and watching Africa with African music in my car. Daily, I have conversations with people from every walk of life. Whether it is the students here at the college, teachers at the Academy, going into the clinic, talking with Nya's classmates mom, or seeing someone at the store or just talking with anyone I meet! I am talking to the World here.
Like today, I had my college girls Bible study, Many grew up in local villages here in Malawi, others have grown up in the city and have seen more movies then i have ever seen. I went to the store and ran into some local workers at the store - I greet them and see how their family is. How is life for them. Any stories they may have, I then see a couple of people I know, they are from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Korea and England. Then I go to the school and chat with some ladies that are from Lebanon and India and China. I see a friend and she is from New Zealand and talk about our friend about a from Canada Wow! That is just half way through my day. Anyways just some thoughts that i think about.
But one of the oddest things I have seen is this.... The first day that we got here off the airplane - they were selling them on the corner of our road. What and people buy and eat these things. Yes they do and love them! Rats on Stick. Here is a picture of our neighbor who bought them. Sam (who is Nya's class) is showing how it is done..

Yes those are toenails and teeth people eat. YUCK!

Anyways- just random thoughts from Malawi... Lots of love- amy louise


Jeff said...

I remember when I was in Mozambique, that they would have large rats (12-18 inches) hanging in the branches of trees by the roadside. I asked what they were for and was told that they are for sale because people like to eat them. Crazy.
I appreciate hearing some of the things you guys are faced with. It is so difficult to explain the huge range of emotions that you can go through in a day when you are deepening close relationships, loving others, and being faced with some of the hardest situations you can imagine. It is so much more challenging and heartbreaking when you see the faces of the people affected and it is not just abstract statistics anymore.
We are praying for you guys!

Susie said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!
Thanks for giving snippets and pictures of it all.
I know it's hard to explain! But I so appreciate you trying!
Miss you lots!

God plus Four said...

O my GOODNESS! Thank you for sharing the daily's of your life. And yes those rats are GROSS! Can't imagine actually eating those! Love you, Caren

Dan Rosch said...

We have three pet rats. Yummy!!

Sarah said..., Amy...I could hear the music as you described your drive on the road...avoiding crazy drivers, tolerating horns honking...and the people. Oh boy...It has to break your heart everyday seeing the hard hard lives they live. Your heart is so big but even still...I don't know how it doesn't burst sometimes. Loved this..thanks as always...oh and those rats...I'm sure Bob thought it was cool...maybe a good alternative for protein when he runs out of beef jerky...probably as crunchy as the jerky is chewy ;)Love how close I feel after these posts...thanks for taking the time. LOVE SARAH

Rachel said...

Please please tell me that that little boy did not eat those nasty looking rats!!! Thanks for a Malawi update.

Curtis and J.J. said...

Hi there Amy and Bob!
WE just got your newsletter. Love it! Your name comes up every once and a while with the Farleys. We want you to know that we have been blessed by knowing you. We look forward to the next newsletter. Would it save you time and money to read your newsletter on your site if you have it? My kids, Logan, 7, Sammy, 5, Josie, 3 and Noelle, 18mo. say hi and they sure got a kick out of the rats. I think I will serve that for dinner.