Thursday, May 29, 2008

He came home in one piece...

Bob with a friend in Luwanga, Zambia. His name is McDonald ( we always think of french fries when we say his name. ) McDonald is going to be a full time missionary out in a village! He will be doing what ABC is all about. Training Africans to reach and teach other Africans!
One of the big cats on the safari trip and that is with out zooming in!
Here is the Senior Class this year. Remember the girls from the Pancakes. Those are my girls.
On the way to Safari
God's Beautiful Creation!!!

He said it was a great time. He said he was soo close to the lions he was even a little bit scared. What Bob be scared?!? The seniors had a great time. Doesn't anyone want to come and visit? We would love to have you. Come and have fun with us!

So today we start our busy end of the year stuff. We are hosting a team from San Diego Flood church. They will be here for 8 days. We have a 2 day conference this weekend and then we have Baccalaurette to prepare for and off we go in to Graduation week.
So I will have more pictures to come from this week!
Love you and will keep more stories coming! Amy Louise

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Amy said...

What! No new pet zebra? I'm highly disappointed!:)