Friday, June 06, 2008

Not just faces anymore...

I know many of you have wondering what we having been doing these last few weeks. We have been so busy with the end of the year activities and Finals ! Oh do you remember those college days. I have added pictures over the last year we have been here. Those cute Malawians faces you have been seeing are not just faces to me. I realized that they are my dear friends. So I am going to put some pictures of our friends here and what we have been investing in.

Here are the some of the senior girls... Thats me taking the picture on the left at the bottom. Catherine, Atupele, Thomison, Mwai, Chokondi, and Neke. They were all so excited to be apart of the Baccaluarette Service they do every year...

Here are all the seniors seated down in the first 2 rows of the chapel. Friends and Family come to see this special service. The seniors get all dressed in their finest. They were presented in front of everyone. They were radiating. Can you find Bob and Analise? They are in the middle!

My friends Atupele and Joel. Both Graduating this year! They are planning to get married in 2 years. Atupele has been our sweet friend and babysitter over the last year. The girls love love love her. And so do Bob and I!

Here are the Founders of African Bible Colleges, Dr. Jack and Nell Chinchen and our guest Speaker for the Baccalaruatte Service and Graduation from San Diego Matt Hammett - Flood Church Senior Pastor, and the President of the College Campus, Paul Chinchen

Here are Two Professors at the college. Maggie and Laura waiting for the ceremony to start.

We had a after Baccalaruatte service get together. I got some people together and we decorated the dining hall. About 450 people came. It was fun.

Then we had a senior dinner Banquet (last night where I helped decorate again. It was prettier than prom!) where all the seniors get to share how God has used ABC in their lives and their favorite teachers and favorite stories and what they are doing after they Graduate. It was amazing to hear all the stories. And it was soooo refreshing to be reminded why we are here. To teach and impact the lives and reach Africa through Africans. I personally Loved every minute of this banquet. I cried every time one of my girls got up to share!

Here is Henry! Rosemary , Fanny and Muzanji- All enjoying the Senior Dinner Banquet

Tonight we had a special Concert! The ABC Choir put on an amazing performance. I will put on video of the singing tomorrow!

Of course it wouldn't be complete with out African drums. I will never get tired of African Music. I love it.

Anyways just to update you with pictures. Thank you all for your prayers and support! We are here loving these friends of ours and using the skills we are trained for to equip and train these African Friends to reach more African Friends. They do it the best!

Love- Amy Louise, Bob, Nya and Analise

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Kenna said...

Amy Louise,

I have been a bad girl and have been reading your blogs for several months now but have never taken the time to let you know how proud I am of what you and Bob are doing and that I am praying, praying, praying for each ounce of wisdom, grace and patience that you need. Way to invest in something that is eternal!

I love seeing pictures of the girls and the smile that always seems to be on your face.

Know that you are loved!