Friday, May 23, 2008

Hello friends and Family...

So Bob is in Zambia on the College Senior Trip. The College sends them to a safari retreat. So they will be there until Saturday Night. We then have one more week until all the Graduation end of the year activities come. We are definetly excited to be apart of all of that!

Here is a email I sent out for those who didn't get to read it...
We are so excited to see our first Graduation here in Africa. Our kids are graduating...That is our Senior ABC Students are graduating. On June 7th we will be there! We have guest speakers and fun graduation events to be apart until then. On June 8th we are going to be apart of our Church as it gets commissioned here in Lilongwe as a branch church of the Flood church in San Diego. So fun for us. We are all well here. We have been super busy with the students investing as much time in them before they leave to work in the big world out there. Some of them are only 21 years old and others are 50 years old. Many are planning to be missionaries in villages. A couple of them are planning to be pastors and teachers. We will be putting pictures on our blog. Anyways just wanted update you all as we continue on in our journey here in Malawi.

Please remember prayer for us-
- as we have only 3 weeks until School is done here.
- as we go back to the village of Khuyu on June 12 -16 to do more discipleship with those who received Christ in March with the first team. Nya and Analise are coming too. It will be an amazing experience for them to stay in the village! With all the goats cows and chickens.....
-continue to show the Jesus film to new crowds and share the gospel and disciple local Malawians.

We are thankful for all your prayer and love and support. We definitely would not be here if it wasn't for you!
Love the stauffachers

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