Friday, March 14, 2008

They are off...

The team left today at 11am... they were to leave at 10 am but it is Africa and things are usually about 20-30 min late. They say here TIA (this is africa) They are so excited. Bob and the 8 students he is taking to about 5 hours north to Khuyu. It is a freshmen's home town his name is Blessings Chibambo. He had it on his heart to bring students to outreach his hometown and work with a local church there. So they leave tomorrow morning in our car to travel there and stay for about 4 days. They will be working with his local pastor there and plan to impact his whole village. They will show the Jesus movie and disciple people there. Please pray for their safety and that they would be used mightly there. Thank you- Amy for the team.

P.S. Us girls (nya analisey, and mommy) will be staying home while they are there. So pray for safety for us too.

If you want to see the team they are the blog below on Feb 22nd! they are really sweet people! Blessings is in the white shirt. they will pick up 2 more people on the way!

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