Friday, March 14, 2008

WOW! And we are in Easter Break already...

Here is the team from San Diego. Dr. Paul Chinchen (director here at ABC), Pastor Carlton Harris, His wife Carol from College Ave... Jack and Nell Chinchen founders of all the ABC in Africa and Brett and Jennie and Cory From College Ave..
The worship team at the first night service

Time has really flown by. The students have finished their studies this last week we had a special speaker from College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego California! He spoke all week in our spiritual emphasis week. It was refreshing for the students and the staff We were all in tears by the end on Friday. We all walked away challenged and changed. Of course my favorite was the singing. I love Malawians singing and Tanzanians and Kenyans! Those are what I have heard in my little life! Amazing. When I have my friends over I love to sing with them and we have fun singing and listening to me pretend to speak Chichewa. It is so delicious to have them sing. They have fun hand motions too. So as I was typing my girlfriends came over and i asked them to sing my favorite song so here it is on Video. Enjoy it , it is my favorite song. It is how jesus came to give us a new life and how he picked us out of the mud and gave new life to us. Just want to keep you updated!

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