Saturday, March 08, 2008

It was bound to happen...

Nya's hair getting braided... So here is a picture of it... She has such a tender head. But with the cute momma braiding it she didn't say a word.

Here is Analise a couple days ago with a flower wreath that a friend made for her.

Right now they are playing house and it is cute because they are saying (pretending) is the power out in their play house. Yes says analise Nya says lets just wait for it to come back on.

Oh the life of american girlies with African electricity... Love you all! The Stauffy's


Anonymous said...

I just can't hardly stand it. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Nya's braids! She is adorable in them. AND I love Analise's little flower necklace, blond curls...just too much! Isn't funny how they imitate real life? Could you come over and play this week? I'll send you to Target for a coke! Miss you Weezie. More than I can express. I miss you Nya! I want to hug those girls so bad. XO- SK

Dan Rosch said...

Nya's hair looks real cool. She should keep it that way.