Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Settling down...

Thought I would just add a picture for fun. But what you see in this picture is us trying to settle. You find yourself being pulled to serve. No one has said anything but every part of you wants to help people. We crave to start serving. Did you hear me say Crave. We do. When you see the poverty and the people you crave to help them. Give them all you have, all your money. Really. It is the Jesus in us permeating through. We (bob and I) drive through the city and continually ask Why did we get to be born in America. Why do we have what we have.
We are learning to be balanced in such a unbalanced world over here. It is hard to settle when you are craving to get started. I don't if I am making much sense. But as of right now we need to settle in. We need to settle our spirit, settle our kids, settle our marriage and settle our house. We are already making a difference in Dennis and Josephines families. We have to remember we can't change the world, we can only change what we have around us and in our paths to change. We will serve and give, we will make a difference. We are learning to be patient in the moments and not jump the gun. We are called here to teach (bob) and serve in the hospital(amy) and go serve with other ministries. But right now just pray that we settle in and we serve when God puts it in front of us. Pray that we don't just go exhaust ourselves in vain and miss what God has us here for.
Thank you- Amy Louise

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