Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our new friend Josephine..

So we were told to hire a someone from the village across the street to give them a job. For what - here at ABC so many locals are hired to give a better life. So Mrs. Josephine ended up being available for us. With many high recommendations. She has been working here in many families home since 2003. She told me since she has been working here she has been able to get out of the transient village and move on her own land and have chickens and build her house with her husband. Her husband works at the hospital here on campus. They have done so well working here. It is humbling to have anyone work in my house So my pride and love for them run so deep. Well- We now have Grandma (a gou gou) As Analise say a goo goo. That is grandma. She is here to help and we get to help here. She had 15 local chickens and they all died except one so she is saving here money so she can get more chickens to help her family. Simple She said that working for us helps them. Okay put away my pride and allow her to come and Help.

Grandma J wrapped a baby on Little Missy's back just like the mamma's do here. Bob had to hold her so I could take a picture.

Here is my kitchen. She is awesome!
So here I am learning to put away my pride and trust that we are making a difference.

Amy Louise

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