Friday, August 17, 2007

The Backyard.

So here are some swings that Bob brought in his suitcase to put in the back yard for the girls. They absolutely adore them. Analise is hourly asking to "B" that is swing in little missy language. An the girly on the right is Leanne's youngest Sara Rose. She will be 3 in September. She is always saying in her cute little language "I want to go to y'all's house." (They are from Mississippi) So here she is at our house...
Here is the back of our house, Nya and Leanne's middle girly Molly Grace. She is 7 years old and Nya's Buddy. They love to take Dolly for walks but Dolly is not the big fan. She meaning dolly has been attacked crows here on campus. They were swooping trying to grab her. They are as big as she is. She also has been chomped on by the other big dogs on campus. So She would rather stay inside. But no she has to walked by the kids. Poor Dolly.
Here is my animal lover's daughter. Nya found this baby gecko. She wanted to keep it forever. But she let it go. I like geckos since I found out they eat mosquitos. Please come and eat the mosquitos.
So these are the pictures I took today. Just wanted to keep you updated. We are excited because we are going to go church this weekend in the city. It will be great to get out and meet other people that are not connected to ABC. Not that we don't love ABC and the people here on campus but it will good to expand into the city and make a difference with that church body. So pray that it is good fit and we don't have to church shop. :)
Love you all-Amy Louise for the bunch

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Rose said...

Beau wants his girlfriend Naya to send him that baby gecko! How's your hair holding up Amy? Love,Rose