Monday, August 20, 2007

My little helper...

Nya has been the new helper in the family... She loves to clean. She so did not get that from me. Here she is cleaning the windows for me. They so different than American windows. They are like a car a/c vent. Weird.
So when you bananas go bad think of us and pray for us. This is the fresh batch that I got. The rotter(is that a word?) they get they still are good. They taste sooo good here. The flavor is phenomenal. They are a treat.
So every night when we go to bed we lock ourselves behind this door. It is the way they do it here. So very different. Security. It feels soo very safe though.

Here is a picture of my wash clothe that is actually my paper towel. So when you are complaining about cleaning this remember to be thankful for your conveniences. I miss paper towels already.

We went to church yesterday and loved it. The pastor was out of town so we don't really know how it will be when he is in town. But we will try it again. It was so fun to immersed with Malawians here. It will be great to have deep friendships with people here in Lilongwe.

School starts next week for Bob and Nya. It will be good to start a routine and start doing outreaches here in the city. Outreaches will include street evangelism and working with the street people and also in orphanages and prisons. It will refreshing to start the next season. We will be keeping you all in the loop.

Thank you for prayers we appreciate them. Please being praying for us as we head into routine and also get involved with local ministries. Pray for the church that we are to be apart of. And pray that as I work in the hospital and Bob teaches that we will radiate Christ. Pray also that Nya and Analise will continue to remain healthy and that settle in here at their new home.

Love you all- Amy Louise for the family

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