Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No internet and sometimes no electricity...

But we still in full swing of things. Nya started preschool yesterday and loved every minute of it. But she claimed it was so sad that there was no homework. Probably the only year she will say that. I know that. It is awesome to see her automatically making friends and loving recess. She really adapts very well.
Bob starts tomorrow teaching. He has his Genesis class that has 40 students in it. It is a freshman class 3 times a week. He also has His Ephesians class 2 times a week tomorrow. It is an elective so all different grades are there. On Thursdays he will be headed into the villages to work with orphans and children with the child evangelism project with students from the colleges. We plan to head there with him. Bob also will be teaching 2 times a week a World Religions class that is also an elective. And he will be teaching at the high school 10-11th grade bible. SO Busy will be his middle name.
Anyways Thank you for your prayers Our container is here in Lilongwe. So we are just waiting for it to get out of customs. It is a huge process that I don't even understand. So we wait. It could be tomorrow or maybe 2 weeks from now. So my prayer is that it soon soon soon.
We have had our battles with electricity today was a brown out not a black out. So our lights and everything went in dim mode. My neighbor that has lived here for 17 years came and told unplug your fridge and all important electronics because they tend to blow up with brown out. Great. Blowing up electronics. And you know that a new fridge costs at least 3 thousand dollars here. Super! Africa no reasons to explain brown outs.
Also we have had no Internet for the last 6 days. It is such a claustrophobic feeling for me! But it is up and running tonight. Yippee! SO I blog to you all. or as they say here y'all! Alot of southern sweet folk live here.
Well as for now we are in high gear mode. So far we haven't gotten sick so that is another answer to prayer! I will get pictures tomorrow of Nya at school and Bob at school!
Well-lots of love Amy Louise


Rachel said...

I've missed you. Nya looks too cute in your little uni. Like a little British schoolgirl. Give the girls a kiss for me. -Rachel

Anonymous said...

Oh Nya what a great school uniform for your school. You look soo grown up. I miss you and Love you...tell your folk and little sissy that we love them too...Gramma and Poppy

Anonymous said...

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