Sunday, August 12, 2007

No pictures yet...

So I am still waiting for my Internet to be connected to my house. Africa. So slow! :) I am so amazed with my American microwave attitude. I really try to keep it at bay but it still takes over. Right now I have to go to some else house to email and blog. Well- I will put pictures on once I have Internet. I just wait. We are doing great here. We are putting together our house and connecting with the families on campus. We love the campus. It is oasis here. I love my house. It is allot bigger than I thought it would be. I am so glad that we have it. The girls are always outside playing with Dolly in the back or out front with new friends. We are slowly getting to some normal routine. We haven't had to do our own food yet. Because my dear friend Leanne has been treating us to lunches and dinners. What a treat. Today we had the most delicious homemade mac and cheese and her husband made shis kabobs (sp) Life is rough as you can see. We did go to local grocery store here yesterday. We did learn our lesson though not to go there on a Saturday. It is crazy busy. Everyone and their mother and kids and aunt and uncle and grandma and grandpa is there. :) Okay for those who had bets that I wouldn't make here because of the food. I will do fine. You can buy everything here. It is imported in so it way more expensive to shop here. But we will eat just fine. I just need to find a rhythm. Start cooking I have to tell myself. I think I lazy too. I haven't really cooked for at least a month now. So we are doing great. Naps are in order here. So I am going to run. But definitely keep the stories coming. Love you all and thank you for your prayers.
Amy Louise for the familita

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Rachel said...

Hey Lady,
Been reading your messages. The girls were awed by the baby lion photos. They weren't too sure about that :)
Glad its so lovely. Hey, i started a blog.. Did I tell you?
You can find us at....
Check it are mentioned on it. Love, rachel