Friday, August 10, 2007

SO this is Africa....

Okay we got off the plane and this is africa.The smell the people and land is africa. My friend- Leanne met us at the airport. We got all of our luggage and it was ahhhhhhh! We went into our house and put everything in and locked it and went to leannes house for dinner. We ate by candle light because it Africa. We didn't have electricity for the next 4 hours. A normal nightly occurrence from what we understand. Oh besides that we do love it here. Words can not express how beautiful it is here on campus and Nya and analise are in absolute heaven. We were able to have a fenced little back yard so dolly, nya and analise are out there any chance they have. Dolly has had a leg chomped at by the big dogs so it is nice to have a place that she can be without being bothered. But they just sit out of the the fence watching. Nya tells me that she wants to live here forever. But go back once in a while to visit. Okay. Forever huh. Don't know if I can say that. There are 8 girls about 9 and younger so it is fun for girls. Our container should be here by 2 weeks. It will be nice to have a real bed. Our house is bigger than I thought it would be. It will be fun to settle in. I am so glad that there is no rush. It definitely is in need of fixing up. Right now Bob and I are in a full bed. That is so small for us. We are kinda tall. We will make it. It is called roughing it. :) So at this point I don't have access to the Internet in my house, so I have to go to Leanne's house to email. Which we are so busy that is not often. But I will hopefully have a connection with in a week or so. I will be checking it as often I can. So email often. At this point. Pictures are hard to upload. But as soon as I can I will! Love you all- Amy for the family

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