Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Know it has been 2 days...

2 days here is really two weeks. What a strange feeling to know that time really is what you do with it. I thought for some reason I would never get enough of it. But that is not true. I finally get enough of it here. I never had enough time in California. It was always "What it is11:30? or WHat it's 4 o'clock? I still have dishes from breakfast, laundry to fold from 2 days ago and that phone call I need to make and dinner is supposed to be cooking! But Now I do have time. Granted I have help. :) For all those who don't know we are supposed to hire someone to help around the house. It is really rude if you don't. Also when I have to work in X-Ray during the day, I will have to have someone watch the girls. SOOO -We have hired Grandma Josephine. She is about 50 and soooo very sweet. Nya and Little Missy are loving helping her. I will put a picture on once my computer is not broken. At this point, I am using bob's computer... with no picture software. I have to compress the pictures and his doesn't. Trust me I have tried..... That is another story. But Anyways, Time is finally in My hands! And as of now I plan to keep time on my side. :) What a treat. Seriously you must all come and visit. We have space and we have exrta time to share. You would really like it.
So you know I decided to drive the car yesterday. Okay all I can say, Who thought it was okay to switch side of the road and put the steering wheel on the other side. I am a nervous wreck just driving 5 miles per hour. At least our car is not a stick shift. I was barely driving on campus and I was shaking. I said forget it let's go out of campus and take it head on ( not literally) So with Bob car sick he said sure. So we did. I was breathing heavy and sweating. We had the girls in the back seat. Now why is it that when both parents are in the car they still ask Mom first. Can't they tell I am falling apart and Bob is just car sick. Why not ask Him first. Dad can i roll down the window. No it's Mom Mom Mom. For some reason they still need me to tell them Ask your dad. So we made it down the street with out me hitting anyone. With Bob reminding me to watch that and this. We made it to the local 7/11 Seriously we went to 7/11 to get gas and a knife. No Not for protection but I don't have one to cut things with like food. We have all our stuff still coming on the container. So I am made it. Driving won't be a luxury taken for granted. I so appreciate Bob doing it when we go out.
Well- that's all for now. We love you all and miss you guys even more.
Love- Amy Louise for the family

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Rachel said...

Seriously...was it a 7/11 because I gotta see it. I know you are yanking our chain. Glad you are settling in. Send me some time when you get a chance. ha ha love, Rachel