Monday, May 26, 2014

Only 2 more Mondays in Malawi Africa - Wait - What???

We are feeling it - the last few days are in process.  This week we have 3 huge functions for the Graduate program, the Undergraduate program and on Saturday we will see our last undergraduate graduation and the first graduate graduation here at African Bible College.  WOW !  Can't believe that 7 years have flown by already...  We will crave Africa often and wish we could just beam over!  We will crave our amazing friends that God has blessed us with over these years here - They have become our extended family!  We will crave the simplicity that Africa offers!  And I am pretty sure my kids will be back here when they get older.  Once Africa gets in your story - you can't get rid of it.  And that is a good thing!  Nya says she will go anywhere God takes her and Analise says she will be in South Africa as a Nurse...  Now those are kids with a world is their playground perspective!  WOW!

Please continue to be praying:

  • as this country still does not have a New President a week after elections and they say it will be a couple more days due to illegal activities by the current president and one of the candidates.
  • as we are preparing to leave this "home" to our new "home" - that God will carry us through this HUGE TRANSITION (just Moving across the WORLD)
  • as we seek God's direction in Bob's future work.
  • as we will need a car as soon as we land :)  If anyone knows of one we can borrow until we buy one ASAP that would be amazing!
  • as Nya has been accepted into Foothills Jr High Christian School - Can you believe that she is in 7th grade, that Analise (who is on the waiting list for 4th grade) to get in!

Bob's last class of the Master's Class

Celebrating at Nya's Ballet Recital!  

Thank you for all the amazing support and prayers as we are going through this.  WE COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT OUR AWESOME SUPPORT TEAM!   We will be keeping you updated as we adjust to life and continue to share how God does it in our lives!


Amy stauffacher said...

God bless you for being His hands and feet over the years in Africa. I pray that your family will be able to adjust to the American life style and busyiness of this country. Thank you for your faithful service to our Lord Jesus Christ. Love you, Aunt Kim

Olson Family said...

These two lines: "It is overwhelming to say the least. It really is amazing how no choices of anything to 100 different kinds of chips can make you want to go to bed for the rest of the day."

Yes. I get that. So true.

Love you. Praying for you!