Monday, May 12, 2014


The gift of breath is not noticed until it has been taken away!  Almost a month ago tomorrow- we were reminded of how precious that gift is personally!  We had planned our Easter Holiday and were out getting the last minute details of climbing a mountain with other missionary families.  As we were coming back from grocery shopping, we got the call that a friend (a teacher from my daughter's school and regular around our dinner table) had been in bad minivan accident and was in bad shape.  Not understanding the details as of yet, we waited for them to come from the accident to our clinic.  Our lives were turned upside down as she was really bad off.  Her lungs had collapsed and was unable to breath.  At this point all we knew was she needed to leave Malawi and be medically evacuated to South Africa where they have medical procedures that could save her life.  As we waited- we saw God carry her through that process.  She was put on a ventilator that could breathe for her.  Due to my amazing husband who said that I should go down and be there until her family could come from the states, we were transported to Johannesburg and sent to one of the best hospitals that God could provide.  All along the way we got to see miracle after miracle.  She had bleeding in her brain, a skull fracture, a neck fracture, both lungs collapse and a lower back fracture.  She was a miracle that she was alive but as of yesterday a month later- she just got out of the ICU - walking and teasing her mom. There are still complications from the Accident but she is a reminder to stop and Breathe...  A testimony that God is bigger than it all but we still have to trust him in the storm...

As we are walking into our last month here in Africa- We have been truly humbled by all those who have invested in us as we have served Malawi over the last 7 years.  We are still fully invested here and digging in. As of last week- I counted that 108 people came to eat and hang out at our house.  Investing in people as people have invested in us.  Breathing...  We serve an amazing God and are also humbled that He cares enough to invest in us!

Please continue to pray
- Danielle will continue to heal and be used to tell her story of who God is to her...
- as we have about 1000 things still happening here...
- the Master program will have it's first ever graduation
- Presidental elections are in about 8 days-
- as our family is transitioning - that we would continue to lean on the our faithful God!

The story is big and King of the universe is bigger!  What an awesome God we serve!  A huge big thank you to all those who have prayed and supported us as we start our transition to move back to San Diego!  We have felt so loved and cherished!
Love- all of us!

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