Friday, November 08, 2013

God's faithfulness and the people He uses

Wow- what an amazing God story!  About a week or so ago I had posted a financial need for 4 Master's students at the College here.  Amazing - the need was met within 3 days.  That is when we know that it's God's story!    We are so amazed by people and their amazing generosity.  We have been in Africa since 2007.  We have been in one of the poorest country in Africa.  We see needs at the rawest form and we can help so many people though the amazing people that support us.  Whether it is a child on the street, to a family in need, people that come along our way we can help, students with financial needs or pastors that want to know the Bible better!  We can help those around us!  What a testimony though really - because it is those people who trust us as they support us!  Thank you for being those and seeing God's story happening through our story!  We are here because so many of our family and amazing friends!  We are honored!  As we finish the year of 2013, we look to God for our source of strength and to meet our every need - whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or financial!  HE continues to be faithful through the body of Christ!  We are truly humbled.  Thank you for trusting us and praying for us as we are in the Middle of Africa on the other side of the world...
Love- the stauffy family!

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Anonymous said...

and thank you for pouring your hearts to people of africa, and for being an amazing mama. i love you. lita