Friday, March 09, 2012

Sounds from the Village and what we are doing

Above are the girls playing with local kids from one of the village outreaches that Bob helps the college students do ministry at.  So cute to hear the laughing and screaming of joy on this video! 

This last month flew by without me being able to send a monthly update.  So here is what we are up to...
  • Bob has taken on classes at the college and has been involved with starting a Masters of Divinity program here at the college.  He and Bruce (fellow missionary here at ABC) have researched and complied the program from scratch and will be starting this coming August.  Bob has been able to go with students at least 2 times a week to local villages to do long term discipleship training. He also has many responsibilities with being in charge of security at the 50-acre campus.   His days are full of people and connecting and praying with many students.  Along with being dada to his kids!
  • I (Amy) am busy staying home with Luke and the girls, but being home doesn't mean I do nothing - I get to love on people.  Many come through our house or I just have to go across my yard to connect with the many college students.  This next week I will be teaching the senior college girls Bible study!  I am so excited to do that!  Also, I am able to help out at the hospital (clinic) that we have on campus doing x-ray.  I love that I have a skill that can help people in the time of need.
  • Nya and Analise have very full days of school and playing with friends!  Daily they have at least 7 people coming to play!  They love it!  Whether they are making up a scavenger hunt or playing "school" - continual playing is on! 
  • Lukey is now 5 months old and is rolling, going to chapel, eating solids and hanging with people!  He is such an easy baby!  What a treat!

Luke at chapel!  Memory (a senior) is loving on Luke!  
He is snuggled right into her!  She is a very dear friend of ours!  So lovely to be here and continue in our friendship!

Please continue to pray for us-
 Pray for us as we choose Jesus daily and that we would love people through Christ's love!
Pray for Malawi, as there are daily shortages of fuel, power and even sugar... We get to see God provide in so many amazing ways!

Thank you for loving and supporting us as we serve the King of the Universe!
Love the Stauffachers!

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