Sunday, March 04, 2012

My Worlds Collide

When you live in a different country everything is different.  Strangely though, you crave familiarity.  As I went into a local pharmacy here to pick up my malaria medicine, I saw this newspaper clipping below. 

A local newspaper ad
It was so strange to see a familiar Walmart logo.  We have a store here that is way overpriced on stuff but we have called it our "African Walmart"  As it may be - it actually is Walmart.  They bought it and now the store Game is Walmart.  What- my brain can't consume that idea that Walmart has taken over the world. I thought it only had taken over America not the world, not Africa!  But it has...But why not Target!  I mean really - Target makes me happy!  Even seeing a Target bag makes me happy!  I know - I got issues!  

So after buying the malaria medicine I walked around the corner of the store and came across this in the window.  Oh yes I see I am still in Africa!

Don't you want to cook this up for dinner tonight?

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Dawn said...

So what exactly is that hanging in the window?