Friday, August 12, 2011

quietly adjusting...

When our trip came to an end- we have been tremendously blessed to have a place to stay and friends to connect with. When we left San Diego for our trip- we had moved out of our house because we had it rented out before we knew that we were pregnant and were headed to Africa. (well- I not we are pregnant :) ) So we have settled into some missionary housing that is located really close to our lives here. It has been amazing. Easy to settle into. Our stuff now is in storage and the place we live now is furnished. It is really perfect for us. Thank you for praying for us as we traveled and settled into a bit of routine. The girls start school next Monday and am thankful for familiarity. They will go to the same school they went to last year and then in January will start school in Africa. :) They are sooo excited to go back to Africa, but I know it will be different than they left and there will be some adjustment time when they return.

10 more weeks until this baby boy is born ( still working on a name). It seems so fast and yet that is a bit a ways away. He is healthy and perfect size as I went to the doctor yesterday. I am still scheduled to have a C-section in mid Oct due to some complications. But I am so glad we are staying here to deliver with a doctor that delivered Analise. I can't believe that I am 30 weeks. The below picture was taken at 29 weeks with a friend at a wedding. ( so you can see that I am really pregnant. :) ) Thank you again for all your love and prayers! It has carried us in so many ways, we have seen God provide above and beyond through everyday life!

lots of love- the stauffy family!


Sarah said...

So glad you have had some time to travel & now can settle in for awhile. Continuing to pray for health & safety these next 10 weeks!! Glad to hear you are back in SD ;0). love that place!

Ron and Ulemu Chimzimu in Dzuwa said...

So proud of you guys. Ule, Wonder and I are praying for you.

Stay blessed!