Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A day trip out in the country of Malawi to Mua Mission...

We headed out of town to go see a mission...

So above is a public bathroom. It says 20 K which means about 5 cents to use it. Also I love that it says Now Open- It has said that for the last 2 years....
There is a place that builds furniture on the side of the road. Now those couches in the back look comfy cozy, but they are like sitting on bricks.

Need a shirt? The way clothes are sold here is open air. They are all used clothing and on top are materials for women.

All in a days work....Aren't you glad for your car? Me Too.

Ok this guy wins the prize for WOW! that is amazing to see how much they can put on their bikes.

A typical village out in the country. This about 20 minutes out of town for us.

In our car headed down the dirt road to get to the mission...

here we are at the cultural center that is for getting to know Malawi's different cultures

Love this tree. God didn't have to make such amazing variety but He did...

Here is a Mua mission. They set up a school and hospital for the people in 1902. Wow!

It is beautiful...

So Josh and Em got a little deer. We all named her cutie... cutie toes.We are the foster parents until she gets big enough to eat normal foods. She is being also fostered by our deer dainty toes.

Some of the amazing paintings that they did there at the cultural center. They were way too expensive but I loved them.

Here is nya with some of the art sculptures - That is a woman i guess. :)

More Paintings and that is a real life type picture. The women are pushing charocal to use in cooking and to sell.

On the way back from the mission with a new baby for Josh and Emily! The girls love it.
Well- We are doing great living back in Malawi. Actually this was the first weekend that I finally caught my breath and have slowed down. We all are healthy and rested. It has been amazing to see all our friends, see the students that have come back to college and meeting new students and staff. We are finally adjusted from America time to Malawi time and that is nice. More pictures to come soon! YAY! Lots of love- amy louise

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Adina said...

"God didn't have to make such amazing variety but He did..."

Yes! Thank you for this reminder of the big-ness and creativeness of God!